Learn from Japanese

In 1945, Japan became a dystopian land because of 2 American atom bombs. But visionary men constructed a much better nation on the ashes. After 19 years, they hosted the summer olympics in 1964. Right before the event, they inaugurated the world’s first bullet train, the Shinkansen.

19 years, let those numbers sink in!

India got freedom in 1947. After 70 long years, the current Indian dictator has signed a contract with the Japanese ruler to loan us around 88,000 Crore INR (for 50 years) to launch India’s first bullet by 2022.

That will be 75 years after gaining freedom and that too 58 years after the launch of planet’s first bullet train.

Okay, what are we gonna gain? Ahem. The train is supposed to run between Dictator’s Ahmedabad and the financial capital of nation. Yeah!

What are they gonna gain? For next 50 years, or till the day India repays the debt, India will have to support Japan by all means. Like a slave.

There, I said it.


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