Paper Boat

I made a paper boat

And whispered a lie.

“You don’t have to float,

You are meant to fly.”

I’m a paper airplane, it thought,

And flew away with a war cry.

I sobbed and became distraught,

But it didn’t hear the lone’s outcry.


Being lied to..

How can people lie to you so effortlessly? When they admit that they have lied to you many times, how  do you accept those truths? What measures do you take to stop being lied to? Life and lie even sounds so similar!


What’s life?

An outright lie.

What’s truth?

A sugared untruth.


Why do you lie?

To love your life?

Why do you live?

To love and strive?

~ G

Dream is new nightmare

I dreamed a dream

It broke me down.

Echoes of my scream

Nothing else to drown.

Stone pelting foes

Shooed me into dismay

But at the close

I saw a gleam of ray.

Pursued the light

That illusory hope.

Slipped into fright

Collapsed on next slope.

Hope is surreal, a sham

But despair is for real.

Mind is full, don’t cram

I hope abyss will heal.

PS: Depression send me those words. Not mine.

PPS: I ain’t no poet. Sorry.